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What is your IBPS PO Score? Will I Get the Job?- Cut off Marks Needed to Pass IBPS PO Exam.
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What is your IBPS PO Score? Will I Get the Job?- Cut off Marks Needed to Pass IBPS PO Exam.

IBPS PO exam is conducted twice every year and thee has been many questions that is being raised regarding the possibility of getting a bank job through the IBPS PO score.

IBPS PO Exam process

You need to write a objective paper and a descriptive paper in the exam. Regarding the marks you score, you will be rank-listed. Based on the marks you secure the exam you may or may not be called for the interview by the individual banks (19 banks).

IBPS PO Exam Pattern

There are 5 sections in the exam it is important that you pass all the sections individually to get into the rank list. So you need to understand the cut off marks for each section and write the exam in such a way that you over the cut off mark at least in every section

Estimated Cut off Marks of Each section of IBPS PO Exam

• Reasoning - 25 marks
• English Language – 16 marks
• Quantitative Aptitude - 23 marks
• General Awareness - 27 marks
• Computer Knowledge- 28 marks
• Descriptive Paper – 12-14 marks

Remember that these cut offs are not the official cut offs. But if you feel that you can cover these cut off marks you can be assured that you will definitely pass the official cut off marks of IBPS PO exam 2012.

Will I get the job?

You have to understand that you will have to score something around 180 marks to get a good chance for the job. Also after that you will have to work hard and prepare for interview to get selected in the bank.


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