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Kerala Strikers, The New Team in Celebrity Cricket League ; Mohanlal to Captain the Side.
Published By deepakp118 on 2011-12-08 144 Views

It is now time for Kerala to join the party.celebrity cricket league which was started in the year 2010-2011 is now bacjk with its second edition.and this time 2 new teams will join the fray.

Celebrity Cricket League was conducted with 4 teams -Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Last year. Now it has been decided to include Bengal and Kerala making the total count of teams to 6.Kerala team has been named as Kerala strikers.Kerala strikers is owned by Priyadashan's wife Lissie,actor Mohanlal and a Chennai entrepreneur P.M.Shaji. the team is captained by Mohanlal himself.

Kerala strikers team is said to include youngsters like
2)Indrajith [wk]
4)Kunchacko boban
5)Asif ali
6)Unni mukund
7)Rajeev pillai
8) Vinu mohan
10)Vineeth kumar
12)Nivin pauly
14)Saiju kurup
15)Rejith menon

It is important to note that most of the stars in the line up of Kerala strikers are young and new faces.Apart from Mohanlal, all the stars in the line up are below the age of 35.This shows us the fitness and energy the Kerala strikers brings to the field.

Further many of the stars like Indrajith,Rajeev pillai and Vineeth kumar are players with potential. Rajeev pillai has domestic experience in cricket too.Bhavana has been roped in as the team promoter. The team is coached by the former Ranji player Pankaj Chandrasenan Nair and the team manager is the evergreen Edavela Babu.

Last year the tournament was won by Surya led Chennai team.This year the competition gets bigger.there would not be any clear favourites and it would be a Refreshing change to watch the film stars playing cricket.

We can wait and see how well our favourite stars perform on the field. The schedule is set to begin by January.

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