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Beautiful Malayalam movie review: Jayasuriya and Anoop menon rocks again..
Published By deepakp118 on 2011-12-04 365 Views

malayalamvideoclips rating= 4/5

Maturity is all about losing our innocence..
So says the tag line of the film Beautiful.With a meaningful story that draws audience , V.K.Prakash strikes chord with Malayalam cinema again.After a forgettable outing with 3 kings , he shows the audiences his direction skills.

The other aspect about the movie is the combination of the best duo of Malayalam cinema.Anoop menon and Jayasuriya acts together again in the joint lead in this film.After their success with the much discussed cocktail, both the dedicated film stars takes the audience for a treat with the film Beautiful.

The new entrant here is the Yakshiyum njanum actress, Meghna raj who does her part in the movie with apt looks.Tini tom adds to the comic part while Thesni khan plays the maid.

The story is about looking at the life as a beautiful thing. With the tensions and busy life that is affecting everyone, the movie effectively show the life of a paraplegic. Jayasuriya beautifully fits into the role of Stephen Loius , the rich Stephen hawking guy.The ideology behind this man is the film. Though unable to move his body, he emits a sense of positive attitude throughout the film.Anoop Menon plays the other part in the movie. The negative mindset showcased by Anoop Menon gets influenced by Jayasuriya in the movie.

Acting by Jayasuriya is super while the script donned by Anoop Menon himself does the other part. With a bit of suspense and twists in the movie , this is definitely a watchable entertainer.

The experiments in Malayalam film with traffic, chappa kurishu and cocktail is becoming much more successful with this sensible movie.This is not a perfect entertainer that you may dream of. But the movie is much much better than the other language craps malayalees are used to watching now.

Watch this movie in theatres with an open mind.you will definitely criticize it...but definitely you will enjoy it....

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