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6 Disadvantages of iwriter.com - iwriter review
Published By deepakp118 on 2012-06-15 1460 Views

Read all about the disadvantages of writing for iwriter.com. Though iwriter.com seems to be a pretty decent site, it has got its own negatives around it. Here is a quick review on the negative points of iwriter.com depending on my experience there on the site.

Disadvantages of iwriter.com

  1. Specific time limit is given to complete the work. Many slow writers feel strained to do the job working under pressure.
  2. Fear of rejection – a requester can reject the work done by you even if the article seems to be too good. It depends entirely upon the requester as he can reject any article and he need not provide any valid reason for the rejection. I have many articles which are in fact rejected by the iwriter requesters which are doing well on other sites published in my name.
  3. A rejected article may hamper your progress to be an élite writer really badly. A rating of 1 from one requester can bring down your career graph drastically on iwriter.
  4. Not being able to see the bad reviews for the requester. Iwriter now has a policy of hiding the bad reviews given for the requester to create a positive impact in the minds of the writers. That needs to be changed.
  5. Requesters need not give specific / valid reason for the rejection of the article. It is entirely up to the requesters.
  6. Too many requesters with bad approval rates in the standard writers box. So it is extremely important to select the best requester with the best approval rate for the job.

 These are the general negatives of the iwriter.com. If you feel that we have missed out any of the valid points about iwriter.

com, please do point it out in the comments below.

This article is adapted from the iwriter review published at Review this Review that. Read the full article about the iwriter.com here at

Iwriter.com Review - Positives and Negatives For Article Writers

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Why To Write on iwriter.com? - 13 Advantages over other Freelancing Sites


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